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September 18, 2023

Introducing HRIS Sync: Automate employee benefits management 

Today, we’re launching HRIS Sync - Connect your HRIS tool to Yonder and automate employee benefits management

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

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At Yonder, our mission is to increase access to core benefits for modern teams by providing a delightful way to issue and manage benefits internationally. 

We do this by going the extra mile and taking a different approach than others. Like integrating with insurers and pension providers and removing the manual back-and-forth involved in policy management. Our approach is to offer instant quoting and enrolment for employees so they can go from quote-to-covered in a few taps of our app and provide localised and consolidated payroll reporting that saves finance teams hours of pain every month. This all makes life easier for Finance and People teams.

Now, we're launching HRIS Sync, so companies can connect with the world's leading HR information systems (HRIS) and make core benefits work on autopilot, no matter where your team members are—no more double entry. Bridging the gap between disconnected tools and benefits. Reducing the error risk and driving real efficiencies within the teams who manage benefits.

Speed up employee onboarding and keep employee data in sync with your benefits

Employee data flows seamlessly from tools like Personio, Workday, HiBob and others into Yonder to automate administration. Sync data such as name, email, date of birth, salary, location and national insurance/PPS number with your benefits – if it updates in your HR tool, it updates with your benefits provider. This means many of the key points of friction now happen in the background;

  • When new employees are added to the HR tool, they are added to their benefits in Yonder.

  • If an employee’s salary changes, this will automatically be reflected with providers.

  • Employees off-boarded from your HRIS tool will be removed from their benefits package. 

  • If someone moves country, they can be removed from one package and added to the correct one.

This culminates in companies being capable of scaling benefits more than 10x faster than the traditional way and helps People and Finance teams focus on what matters.

Connecting to your HR tool is straight-forward

You can now connect Yonder to the following HR tools

  • Personio

  • Workday

  • HiBob

  • Bamboo HR

  • Humaans

  • Factorial

  • Charlie

  • Sage HR

  • SAP SuccessFactors

  • Remote

  • Deel

And others – ask our team.

More automation to come

With so much more to come, this is just the start. We’re working on ways to automate even more missing pieces of the global benefits puzzle. More automation–– like rule-based employee enrolment, a Yonder Slack app, local payroll integrations and more. 

Talk to our team

Would you like to learn more about how this could work for you and your company? Book a 30-minute demo with our team here.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

I'm the co-founder and CEO of Yonder – We're rebuilding global benefits for companies of today, and increasing accessibility to previously inaccessible financial products 🌎

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