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March 17, 2023

Deepak | Director of Engineering + cofounder

You’ve met some of our team members, but what about our founding team? Introducing Deepak Baliga, Cofounder & Director of Engineering at Yonder. Just over a year ago, Deepak, Patrick and Luke sat down and decided to build this company to solve a problem they had all faced, and found frustrating.

Aine Kavanagh

Article written by

Aine Kavanagh

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What Do I Do at Yonder?

In short, I lead the engineering team at Yonder, with the best set of people anyone would want to work with. I wake up every morning looking forward to getting stuck into solving problems and building the product with the team. I love hiring and developing the best talent in the industry, and dealing day in day out with the people who can contribute to Yonder’s journey by making it their own.

What’s the best thing about working for Yonder?

The best thing about working for Yonder is the problem domain. We’ve now cracked it in 30 countries and the amount of pride that I take in it is insane. It's now time to scale this throughout the globe.

Another great thing that I have to mention again is the team, and the empathetic culture that we have built. People are always ready to take on more responsibility and make a greater impact than you would have to in a larger, more bureaucratic organisation. It’s a fantastic atmosphere to work in. Everyone is here to give their best and that's what makes you want to push yourself further, and as a group, we push each other to achieve our absolute best.

I love the latest and greatest tech stack we use across our systems and how we are constantly challenged to innovate, learn, and grow.

What is the biggest problem you want to solve within Yonder?

We started Yonder having seen first hand the pain of setting up employee benefits for a distributed team or even a local team. These benefits should be easily accessible to everyone in the company with a few clicks, like how you’d add your team to Slack or Notion, irrespective of where they are based.

Also, HRIS platforms, gig economy companies or even traditional insurance brokers will be able to leverage our APIs. Building out this structure, and these relationships is powerful. We’ll be able to make health and pension easily accessible by offering an easy and custom experience to their end customers, with an easy embed solution without the regulatory overhead.

I’m really glad to be building a product, and a team, for problems that are worth solving. And we’re only getting started!

Aine Kavanagh

Article written by

Aine Kavanagh

👋🏻 Hi I'm Aine, Head of Customer Success at Yonder. Whether you're a Yonder customer, a Yonder user, or you're just browsing, I hope to help educate and empower those who want to know more about owning their own benefits, and building financial autonomy 📚

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