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February 9, 2023

Cillian | Go to Market

Our first team member intro is Cillian Bourke, our Go to Market lead at Yonder. Check out why Cillian is excited to be working on Yonder below.

Aine Kavanagh

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Aine Kavanagh

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👋 Hey, I'm Cillian.

I’ve spent the last 7 years building new products and bringing them to market within the insurtech and fintech space, both as a founder, consultant and employee.

What do you do at Yonder?

I lead Go To Market at Yonder, more specifically focused on building strategic partnerships with leading HR and Finance stacks across the globe.

What’s the best thing about working for Yonder?

(Other than the Irish patriotism 🇮🇪 ) I love working on novel routes to market that add multi-party value and Yonder is this unique product that touches the full spectrum of that value chain.

On one hand, we’re helping employees get access to the financial products they need wherever they are from leading financial institutions, and on the other hand we’re helping employers cut costs and simplify the admin of running a local or global benefit program and HR/Finance tool.

What is the biggest problem you want to solve within Yonder?

I think for me it’s about financial protection and making these key products like health and pension accessible and affordable to everyone.

Particularly for my generation (as a millennial and my siblings as Gen-Z) we’re entering our first era of austerity and having the right financial buffers working for us is incredibly important, even though it’s the last thing we’d ever think of.

Check in each week to find out more about our team at Yonder.

Aine Kavanagh

Article written by

Aine Kavanagh

👋🏻 Hi I'm Aine, Head of Customer Success at Yonder. Whether you're a Yonder customer, a Yonder user, or you're just browsing, I hope to help educate and empower those who want to know more about owning their own benefits, and building financial autonomy 📚

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