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April 25, 2023

What Is the Paternity Benefit Contact Number in Ireland?

You can reach the Paternity Benefit Section in Ireland through post, email, or phone. Read on for the Paternity Benefit contact details.

Aine Kavanagh

Article written by

Aine Kavanagh

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The contact numbers for Ireland’s Paternity Benefit Section are (01) 471 5898 and 0818 690690.

Let’s explore how to contact the Paternity Benefit Section, whether to request an application form or get further information.

Paternity Benefit Contact Details in Ireland

Here’s how you can contact the Paternity Benefit Section of Ireland’s Department of Social Protection (DSP).

Paternity Benefit Section

Department of Social Protection

McCarter’s Road



F93 CH79

Contact numbers: (01) 471 5898, 0818 690690

Email: [email protected]


Apply for Paternity Benefit at least four weeks before your paternity leave begins (12 weeks if you’re self-employed). You could lose the benefit if you don’t apply within 26 weeks of your child’s birth or adoption placement.

A Quick Recap on Paternity Benefit

Paternity Benefit (per the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016) is a social welfare payment for employees or self-employed people who:

  • Are the birth father, parent of a donor-conceived child, civil partner or cohabitant of the mother of the child, or the relevant parent in the case of adoptions

  • Take paternity leave (not adoptive leave)

  • Have enough social insurance or PRSI contributions (Class A, E, H, and S)

Need further information on Paternity Benefit?

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Aine Kavanagh

Article written by

Aine Kavanagh

👋🏻 Hi I'm Aine, Head of Customer Success at Yonder. Whether you're a Yonder customer, a Yonder user, or you're just browsing, I hope to help educate and empower those who want to know more about owning their own benefits, and building financial autonomy 📚

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