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How nineDots uses Yonder to power and scale their teams core benefits

We speak with Aisling Fogarty who leads people operations at NineDots.

Yonder x Ninedots




One of the guys on our team said, “why can't everything be this easy?"

Aisling Fogarty

Head of People




Removing that complexity of setting up something like a pension, for example, it's reducing an awful lot of stress for us as well.

Aisling Fogarty

Head of People




For us as a company, as we continue to grow, it's something that's going to give us huge peace of mind knowing that we can do this well into the future.

Aisling Fogarty

Head of People





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The nineDots' story

nineDots are a specialist tech recruiter. Since starting in 2017, they’ve always done things a little differently. They are big on transparency, building great relationships, and cutting out the BS that can come with normal recruitment processes.

'Within recruitment, we want to do things the right way. We want to treat people like people , build and grow our company and do recruitment the way that we feel it should be done.'

In-keeping with this people-centric approach, they wanted to provide their team with really strong core benefits.

The painpoint

When does the admin end?!

Providing healthcare and pensions for the team had been on Aisling’s to-do list for a long time, but the friction involved in going through traditional brokers made it seem impossible. Nothing was quite right for what nineDots needed.

''Offering benefits has been something that we've wanted to do for quite a while. We've spoken to brokers but it was always complex, it was always time-consuming and just nothing quite fit for us.'

Aisling was looking for something easy to use, and cost effective to give excellent care to staff, without the hassle.

The Yonder moment

Yonder has helped Aisling to provide the nineDots team with health and pension benefits. While it was quick and easy to set up, the boost to employee morale has been significant and long-lasting.

When the team started using the Yonder app, everybody was delighted. It was so easy to use. And you know, one of the guys on our team said “why can't everything be this easy?”

Aisling loves that whether staff want to use the benefits or not, they know that nineDots is investing in them. This contributes to their culture of mutual trust and support- a key reason people love to work at nineDots.

Let's get to it..Why Yonder?

Much like nineDots' own ethos, they wanted to cut through the industry BS with pensions an healthcare. Aisling wanted Yonder to provide a product and service that didn't include any confusing jargon, or hidden fees. They wanted guaranteed support at every step, without feeling rushed, or like they didn't understand the process.

They wanted:

  • Simplicity

  • Speed

  • Support

No question was a silly question. We felt that everything was transparent,  and that we were supported from start to finish.  Knowing that we were supported the whole way through was brilliant because we were obviously new to this and we needed the guidance.

And there you have it. nineDots are now 6 months into their journey with Yonder, and we are delighted to have a happy employer with satisfied employees as our customers. Thanks nineDots, and thanks Aisling!

How do we want Yonder to help you?

Just like how we work with nineDots, we want to provide our customers with a service that just isn't out there right now. We want you to feel like you can provide healthcare and retirement products to your team at a fraction of the usual cost. We want you to feel like you can understand exactly what you're buying, and what you're being charged, so you can make the best decisions for your team. And finally we want you to feel like you have us to talk to at every step of the way - we're here to help and guide you through. Want to chat? Get in touch with us here.

Questions and Answers

What Aisling, Head of People Ops has to say:


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